Keplin Group Limited

Training Doorbells


  • Premium Material - Our dog training bells are made of heavy-duty nylon and 3 pair of stainless-steel bells. 
  • Loud & Clear Bells - The high quality and nice sounding bells are specially designed to sound sharp but strike a balance between being loud enough and durable enough for constant ringing. 
  • Length Adjustable - The adjustable nylon belts can be adjusted the length easily to fit your dogs height.
  • Outstanding Training Tools - FurDreams™ Dog Training Bells are the perfect tools to teach your puppies to call you in a more decent and considerate way way - searching the doorbell instead of barking or scratching the door. 
  • Train Your Pet Easily - 1. Hang the training bell on the doorknob. 2. Bring your dog to the bells and ring it with their paw when they want to go out. 3. Open the door after the ring and let them go. 4. Repeat the process again for a few weeks or shorter. Your dogs will soon learn to associate the bells to when they use the toilet and will start to use the bells to call you!