Keplin Group Limited

Litter Picker 4pk


  • LONG REACH: With a length of 75cm (30 inch) you will never have to bend over again with our brilliant Keplin Litter Picker! This gives you enough reach so you can save yourself from back, hip, shoulder or leg pain as you grab from the floor or high up areas.
  • STURDY: With a lightweight and durable construction, our hand grabber sticks give you a solid, lasting product you can use to help assist you in day to day as needed. Be assured as our Keplin pick up tool uses smart design and high quality aluminium so these will not break easily!
  • LIGHT & EASY TO USE: Using light materials and an ergonomic design suited for all ages, you will be able to use this with ease no matter your physical ability or if you are right-handed or left-handed
  • MAGNETIC TIP: This has a metallic grabber head that is ideal for retrieving hard to pick up, metallic items such as screws, keys and more, allowing for gentler & easier collection of fragile or oddly shaped metal items
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Ideal for use as a cherry picker for gathering litter, leaves, weeds etc. and also as disability aid so those with mobility issues are able to open cupboards, grab foods, pull curtains and even more without stress!