Keplin Group Limited

LED Dog Collar


  • ONE SIZE – This collar offers a generous length of 70cm that will fit all sizes of dogs cats and more! Any excess can be cut off easily with scissors anywhere along the tube, so as to match their size perfectly and have a snug comfortable fit
  • HIGH VISIBILITY – Introducing another level of safety for those dark night walks, this collar is incredibly bright and noticeable in the dark. We aim to keep your pets safe with the powerful LED on any setting, so you can see them wherever they run off!
  • LIGHT MODES – Simply pressing the button will change light mode on the collar, with three to choose between. You can set the glow to any of: steady light, rapid flash, slow flash or completely off when it is necessary.
  • USB RECHARGE – The battery insides is completely chargeable via USB for your utmost convenience. It takes roughly 40 minutes to charge to maximum, for many hours of use!
  • DURABLE – Constructed with a tough silicone for the tubing, there is no chance of water entering through here, however the whole collar is not waterproof, so please do not submerge the charging or battery parts. This will not break easily, even if your puppy is rolling about in the dirt.