Keplin Group Limited

Garden Netting Kit


  • PROTECT PLANTS – Designed to be efficient in protecting your garden to keep your plants safe against all wildlife, including birds, foxes & cats. This is a dense, woven mesh that will keep its strength over time, through the frost or long hours in the Sun.
  • EXTRA STRENGTH – With a tightly woven mesh of durable, yet lightweight material used, there is high tensile strength, allowing this to stretch under stress yet keep its shape and not tear. This meaning its perfect to protect your garden or pond in all weather!
  • NO UNWANTED GUESTS – The tough mesh will keep animals at bay, providing a robust barrier against your wild guests so your garden projects are not ruined. This will be a nuisance for bird beaks and foraging squirrels, making it the perfect deterrent for gardeners needing an effective solution. Create an extra thick barrier by layering up for more assurance.
  • VERSATILE & CONVENIENT – Our intelligently made netting is easily handled, with each coming rolled, where you can simply unfurl what you need and cut to the necessary size. Our nets are resilient & multi-purpose, so helps for outdoor perimeter fencing, ponds and even more! The 2m x 20m size is ideal for must uses but is cut down easily with scissors.
  • CABLE TIES – Paired with our easy-to-use and incredibly durable Keplin tie cables so you can secure the nets as needed, to poles or other fixtures to protect your plants and other areas around your garden.