Keplin Group Limited

Adjustable Pet PlayPen


  • SAFE & SECURE PET PLAY PENS: Your pets can roam around in a comfortable environment as the opening gate provides an easy entry and exit.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Constructed from high-quality iron metal, the kitten/puppy playpen ensures complete security and safety as the metal is not easily bent or broken. 
  • EASY TO SET UP, NO TOOLS REQUIRED: Set up the playpen by taking out the 8 metal panels and joining them together with the supplied poles. 
  • FOLDABLE & PORTABLE: Whether you require a small puppy pen or a temporary dog play pen to look after a friend’s pet, the playpen is fully foldable, allowing easy storage and transport to and from where the cage is required.
  • VARIOUS DIMENSIONS AND SIZES AVAILABLE: Chose from 3 different sizes to suit your breed of dog, cat, or other animals. When completely unfolded, the dimensions are as follows (W x H): Small (80x60cm), Medium (80x80cm), Large (80x100cm)