Keplin Group Limited

Kraft&Co Cellophane Wrap Roll


  • PREMIUM QUALITY – We provide you with only the best quality cellophane, with a 2.5millimetre thickness that is both lightweight and tough. Our Kraft&Co transparent cellophane wrap rolls are non-toxic, food grade and eco-friendly, ensuring they are safe to use for a whatever you may need!
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR – These rolls are clear as day, providing a 100% see-through packaging material to both house and display your goods in all their glory. House delicate objects such as flowers, whilst helping them look brilliant in high visibility packaging that also protects them from outside dirt, water etc.
  • STRONG & THIN – With a 25-micron thickness, our cellophane wrapping provides plenty support to hold even large, heavier items without tearing or ripping. These sheets are also perfectly waterproof packaging that keeps items fresh and clean. Use these for mugs, wine bottles, gift baskets to spruce them up and keep them sealed.
  • UNLIMITED USES – Ideal for any occasion and items, whether you want to provide a beautiful bouquet or present a lovely gift or food treat, these are incredibly versatile. Use as wrapping for gift bags, flower arrangements, arts & craft, cookies, candies, pastries and other takeaways! This roll is convenient and easy to work with.
  • PERFECT SIZING – We offer several size widths of our 30 metre rolls, that you can use according to your needs with lovely patterns to choose for each. Select for either large or small items to make them presentable and store them securely.