Keplin Group Limited

Camping Air Pump Kit


  • OUTDOOR USE – Use for family vacation, camping, festivals or outdoor activities or even make use of it for your car. This is pump can be used whenever, wherever - Note: Please do not use continuously for 10+ Minutes as to avoid overheating
  • FAST INFLATING – Capable of a quick and efficient inflation, our 130W Keplin Electric Air Pump is designed with the power to beat standard manual pumps. 
  • 2 IN 1 ACTION – Our Keplin Air Pump offers high powered deflation as well. Equipped with strong 240V AC power adapter, you can simply switch the mode to take advantage of this and save time taking air out any inflatable - Note: Not Applicable to Needle Valved Products (e.g. Basketballs)
  • PORTABLE – Designed to use on the go, this is made of lightweight and easy to hold ABS Plastic, so that you can carry this with you on long camping trips.
  • 3 NOZZLES – Fit anything you can think of, with the various air pump nozzles ensuring that you can use this universally.