Keplin Group Limited

Sterlix Air Duster Can 400ml


  • QUALITY - We at Sterlix are committed to providing high quality goods and our compressed air duster can is no different! This is the perfect tool to help clean and protect your items; blowing away dust and dirt from hard-to-reach spots with absolute ease.
  • SANITISE; MAINTAIN & PROTECT - Our professional use air duster cans help to not only clean; but also prevent further damages so you can maintain fresh & clean devices against further debris and dirt.
  • CLEANS ALL - You can use our air duster cans to clean all manner of electronics and electric devices such as keyboards; laptops; computers; printers; scanners; phones; consoles & cameras; as well as being perfect for your car; allowing you to clean the crevices of your dashboard and seats.
  • QUICK USE - The duster can be aimed with complete precision; using the micro-bore tube to reach the hardest; most awkward cracks and crevices. Simply attach the tube to the nozzle and spray where this is needed!
  • SAFE - Containing only compressed air that will evaporate in seconds; our canned air spray is safe to use even in closed environments. Please still take care to not ingest or breathe in the gas that comes out. Please also keep away from open flames.