Keplin Group Limited

Retractable Dog Lead


  • LONG LEASH – Our FurDreams Dog Lead is high extendable and reaches 5 metres in length at the max! This is an anti-tangle, nylon leash ribbon with 360-degree movement.
  • AMAZING COMFORT – Designed with an anti-slip handle, made of quality ABS plastic and to ergonomically suit your hand during use. This allows you to hold as firmly as you need without any slipping.
  • LOCK BUTTON – Easily apply the brakes with just one hand using our retractable leash. The lock button allows 4 modes, so you can pause, lock, unlock or free extension depending on how much space your dog has to play freely. 
  • STRONG RETRACTION – The retractable lead could not be easier to use, with just a flick a button allowing you to reel back 5 metres of length smoothly & rapidly. 
  • MULTIPLE SIZES – Coming in various sizes and colours to suit both you and your dog. Our leads support the following weights: Small = Upto 15kg; Medium = Upto 25kg; Large = Upto 50kg.