Keplin Group Limited

Interactive Wand Cat Toy


  • 🐱 INTERACTIVE CAT TOY: Our Interactive feather toy set is rich in variety, including 3 colourful feathers, 1 retractable cat stick, 2 caterpillars, 1 pink fish, and 2 long feathers and most of the feathers have bells. Enjoy playtime with your cat
  • 🐾 IMPROVED DESIGN: Our cat wand is much thicker and more flexible than other interactive feather toys, ensuring it is more durable and will not break instantly
  • 🪶 8 FUN TEASERS: Providing your kitten with extra fun feather teasers to ensure they are fully occupied. Made of 100% natural feathers with uniquely designed toys, bells, fish & feather
  • 🐈 EXERCISE ACTIVITIES: Our cat toy engages cats and kittens to play and develop their natural hunting instincts helping your cat to stay active and healthy while reducing stress and increasing your bond
  • ♻️ SAFE MATERIALS: Made from premium non-toxic materials that are 100% safe and natural for your pet. Our toys are designed for cats and kittens with their best interest in mind, as well as the environment.