Keplin Group Limited

Floppy Fish Cat Toy


  • 🙀 INTERACTIVE: Our Cat toy has sensors to detect when your cat is interested, once turned on, this Catnip Fish Toy will start to move and wiggle about when your cat slaps or nudges into it. The sounds and movements that start will attract your cat’s curiosity, getting them engaged in play so they paw and gnaw the fish. This will also stop when not being used to save the battery
  • 😹 REALISTIC & FUN: Designed to closely resemble an actual fish to stimulate your cat and engage their hunter instincts, your cat will be attracted to the look as well as the flapping motion when switched on. Simply unzip the belly to flip the switch on the power and enjoy their excitement
  • 😺 CATNIP REFILL: Coming with a small bag of 100% organic catnip, you can place this within the belly of the fish to excite your kitten even further! They will smell the strong aroma which reacts with their brain, sending them into a state of arousal and relaxation, helping to alleviate stress
  • 🔋 USB RECHARGE: Simply open the zipper to reveal the battery pack, then insert the provided USB cable to recharge this dancing fish cat toy. Full charge is indicated when the LED turns off. Please always remove the catnip, motor and battery from the fish belly before cleaning this toy
  • 😻 TACTILE: Our floppy electric fish remains dynamic and realistic, whilst also being made of a lovely soft plush, to provide a nice tactile texture for your pet to play with in safety. No need to worry about damage to their paws or body