Keplin Group Limited

15-Inch Lightweight Travel Cabin Bag


  • SIZE: The suitcase measures 45x36x20cm and is suitable for all types of holidays, whether this is long trips with family and friends or short weekend getaways.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: Made to withstand multiple trips, the light weight and water-resistant hard shell ensures that your LUGG suitcase will remain in great condition time after time.
  • PROTECTION: To ensure full protection of all your belongings this LUGG cabin bag is made with a ABS hard shell which will keep all of your possessions protected at all times during your travels. 
  • FEATURES: With its 4 swivel wheels and water-resistant hard shell the LUGG suitcase will have you prepared for all surfaces no matter the circumstances and weather. 
  • AIRLINE COMPATABILITY: This cabin bag is approved for all major airlines including easyJet, British Airways, Ryan Air, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, and many more ensuring stress-free travel at all times!

Jet off to your next adventure with Keplin Group's 15-inch lightweight travel cabin bag. This travel accessory is expertly designed to make your journeys smoother and more comfortable, and its compact size meets most airline cabin bag regulations, making it an ideal choice for the savvy traveller.

This lugg suitcase and its popularity stems from the perfect balance it strikes between compactness and ample storage space. The compartments are strategically designed to optimally utilise the bag's dimensions, allowing you to carry all your travel essentials without any hassle.

Beyond air travel, it's an excellent companion for short trips or daily commuting. The stylish design and sturdy build make it versatile enough to be used in various travel scenarios.

Features that come with Keplin Group's travel and accessories like the cabin travel case are designed with your convenience in mind. The bag includes a sturdy retractable handle and wheels for easy movement. Its robust material resists wear and tear, ensuring it stays in great shape, trip after trip.