Keplin Group Limited

Flea & Tick Collar


  • HIGH EFFECTIVENESS – Our highly effective flea and tick collar is recommended by vets as they have been proven to repel and protect from harmful fleas and other bugs, allowing for continued protection. They slowly release active, natural ingredients in a measured way to coat your cat or dog's entire body in just a day! Efficiently drive fleas out and keep them away to improve general health
  • 8-9 MONTHS – This is the total time that this will last, providing your furry friend the relief they deserve around the clock from any possible pest infestation such as lice, ticks, mites, larvae or fleas! Our collars provide 24 hours of absolute resistance, enhancing your pets daily comfort
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL – FurDreams have developed an anti-flea collar for cat and dogs of all sizes, breeds and shapes from age 10 weeks and onwards. There is an adjustable buckle that can be used to suit the neck of your animal, so you can make use of the full 13 inch collar as needed. If there is any excess, simply cut off the rest.
  • NATURAL – Making use of purely natural repelling ingredients, we use have created a unique mixture of essential oils that efficiently keep these small pests and bugs away from your pet. Keep your home and family perfectly clean, safe with our blend of Chamomile, Lavender & Select Pheromones to both soothe your pet and of course, overload and confuse the sensory system of insects so they stay away!
  • WATERPROOF – The collar uses a beautiful synthetic resin that is highly flexible and soft to the touch, ensuring that not only is this waterproof and easy to clean, but also comfortable for your pet. This durable, water-resistant plastic can sustain much use before showing wear, able to survive play in all weather conditions and environments, without ruining the material, becoming brittle and breaking apart.