Keplin Group Limited

Wooden Coat Hangers


  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - With the Keplin Strong Wooden Clothes Hangers; you can treat your favourite and heaviest clothes to the premium level they deserve. Made of sleek & polish; high-quality natural wood that will last you ages.
  • WIDE USAGE - The high-quality natural wood used for these hangers gives you peace of mind to hang your heavier suits; jackets; pants; shirts; and more without worrying about the hanger breaking!
  • 360 DEGREES ROTATABLE HOOK - Featuring durable metal made 360 degrees rotatable hook; our wooden hangers can be positioned in any direction you need.
  • EXTRA FEATURES - A contoured shoulder line on the hangers helps clothes keep their original shape.
  • EXTRA STRENGTH - Hand-crafted; these wooden hangers have unsurpassed strength and durability.