Keplin Group Limited

50pk Non-Slip Hangers Slimline

£24.99 £20.99

  • NON-SLIP: These hangers are coated with a special material that prevents clothes from slipping off, ensuring that your outfits stay perfectly in place.
  • 360˚HOOKS: The 360˚ swivel feature makes it easy to access and hang your clothes, no matter where they are in your closet.
  • SLIMELINE: The slimline design of the hangers saves space in your closet, allowing you to fit more clothes in the same amount of space.
  • DURABLE: Our hangers are made of durable plastic, making them strong enough to hold even your heaviest winter coats.
  • FEATURES: This pack includes 50 hangers which come with a built-in tie organizer, perfect for keeping your ties, scarfs or belts neat and wrinkle-free.