Keplin Group Limited

30pk 5-in-1 Clothes Hangers


  • 30 PREMIUM HANGERS: Providing you with a lovely 30 pack of great quality hangers designed to store as much as possible.
  • MAX ORGANISATION: Specially designed with a number of features to help you keep your wardrobe completely organised. 
  • NON-SLIP: The plastic material is resistant to slipping, alongside with the notches on each side near the shoulder area make sure your clothes always stay on.
  • SPACE SAVING: With a slimline design, yet still retaining strength and rigidity, these premium plastic hangers take up little space and are heavy duty enough to hold any clothing you need; making them perfect for your needs as your wardrobe grows!
  • DIMENSIONS: 39 x 21 x 0.04cm (HxWxL); Supports up to 5kg