Keplin Group Limited

Pet Cooling Mat


  • SELF-COOLING – These are completely self-cooling and have no need for adding water, freezing or chilling! It works by absorbing the body heat from your animal, helping to regulate the body temperature for up to three hours and bringing their internal heat down. This prevents overheating in the summer and helping pets chill out in both ways!
  • HARMLESS - With a special composite 300D Oxford PVC material on the outer layer, the bed gives a comfortable high-quality surface for your furry friend to rest. With additional supportive foam filled inside a superior experience on top of this. This durable and will not split easily as they use it and expose the inner gel material to them. Do rest easy if this does happen as this is completely non-toxic.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – Serving more than the purpose of cooling, this is comfortable enough to be the perfect dog bed or cat bed, as well as a rest mat on travels, in the back of a car, inside a kennel or crate as well! The easy-fold design allows for painless storage and transport, so can accompany you on trips with the family. Even humans can get in on the action, making for the perfect cooling pillow for yourself in hot weather too.
  • SOOTHING – This provides brilliant relief for all animals of all sizes, be they puppies, kittens, rabbits, rodents and more! If they can fit, they can ease the pain of excessive heat or body pains (joints & muscular) with our brilliant cooling pad!
  • EASY CLEAN – Designed with a waterproof outer layer this ensures the mat doesn’t get too dirty and makes cleaning incredibly easy. This will be a barrier to moisture and dirt so you can simply wipe off anything undesirable with a dash of soap and a warm cloth or sponge.