Keplin Group Limited

Reusable Laundry Storage Bags


  • ♻️ LARGE REUSABLE BAGS: With the dimension of 60 x 50 x 25 cm. This laundry bag is perfect for helping you organize your belongings and help save space in your home
  • 🔄 MULTI-USE: This large laundry bag is ideal for helping you pack your belongings when moving houses, traveling, laundry, shopping or just storing away your belonging
  • 💪 STRONG & WATERPROOF: Constructed with quality materials that are specifically used to last long and keep your possessions safely covered. Each bag can hold up to 15kg allowing you to store plenty of your belonging away without worrying about ripping the bag
  • 👌 STORE ANYWHERE: Easily stored anywhere you need; we have designed these to be resistant to outside elements to keep your items safe wherever they may be! Slide these under your bed, above your wardrobe, or tuck this in any storage cupboard
  • 🙏 EASY CARRY: Complete with comfortable, well-stitched and long handles that will allow you to carry these with ease