Keplin Group Limited

Foam Baby Play Mat (29x29cm)

£9.99 £9.99

  • SAFE PLAY – These colourful, soft play mat tiles will brighten up any room and provide your precious child with a nice, cushioned play area where they can express themselves without you worrying about knocks or injuries from falling over
  • LARGE AREA – Providing coverage of an area of 0.75 Sqm (Square Meters) when fully used and should provide a big, padded space for your kids to play in!
  • FITS YOUR SPACE – Give yourself to option of using any shape and size to fit your room by using these interlocking jigsaw-like pieces however you need this to be done. 
  • EASY CLEAN – We know your kids can be messy so we have made this to be cleaned easy with just a damp cloth, for any spills or accidents that may occur during play
  • FRIENDLY MATERIAL – We constructed with high-quality EVA foam, not only to help protect your children from banging themselves on the floor.