Keplin Group Limited

Expanding Hose Pipe


  • Expandable: This brilliant development uses high-quality materials; with solid brass connectors and a revolutionary house made of exceptionally durable 3-layer latex; covered with flexible 3450D woven polyester.
  • 10 Function Nozzle: With numerous spray options to suit your needs for gardening; cleaning and more! 
  • Space-Save: Whilst also being expandable; this can also easily retract down to its original shape; reducing this to a portable; easy to handle size for storage or carrying. 
  • Easy Use: Very simply just turn on your connected water supply and watch the hose grow to its maximum length of 100 feet!
  • Includes: 1x Expandable Garden Hose; 1x Multifunctional Spray Gun; 1x Storage Bag; 2x Brass Connectors; 1x Hose Hanger; Perfect for all gardens; car washing

Keplin Group delivers an innovative solution to your gardening needs with this expandable hose pipe. This essential garden accessory sets a new standard in the realm of Keplin gardening supplies by offering an unparalleled blend of convenience, durability, and utility. Its ingenious expanding design reduces storage requirements while providing ample length for larger gardens.

Often lauded by gardeners and homeowners alike, its popularity lies in the transformative functionality it brings. The hosepipe expands to three times its initial length when water flows through it and retracts to a compact size after use, eliminating the struggles of storage and handling associated with traditional hoses.

This expanding hose pipe excels in a multitude of applications, from watering your plants to cleaning your outdoor spaces or even filling up your pool. Its flexibility and reach make gardening tasks easier and more enjoyable.

The durable, leak-proof material ensures longevity, while the included spray nozzle with 10 pattern settings enhances its utility. The lightweight design makes it a joy to use, offering an improved gardening experience with Keplin.