Keplin Group Limited

Self-Heating Pet Bed


  • PERFECTLY SAFE - Being non-electric with absolutely no chemicals present; there is no need to worry about any safety concerns with our lovely FurDreams Self Heating Pet Bed! This simply works with the intelligent material design retaining and reflecting your pets body heat back to them.
  • COMFORTABLE - Constructed from beautifully soft materials for your furry friend to enjoy.
  • NO RUSTLE SOUND - Your pet will never be spooked by our beds as we employ an advanced design to stop any nasty rustling or crinkling sounds.
  • PRESSURE ACTIVATED - Filled with multiple insulating layers to keep heat in; these beds simple work by absorbing your pets own body heat to warm up; meaning no plugs; electrics or nasty chemicals!
  • LARGE SIZE - Coming in with dimensions of 70x47cm; this is suitable for most animals and is able to be used in many areas/situations.