Keplin Group Limited

C-Shape Pregnancy Pillow


  • 🛏️ FULL BODY PILLOW: Feel the comfort in your desired sleeping position using our full body support pillow which is long enough to support your belly, back, shoulder, neck, hips, knee, and legs
  • 💤 NO MORE SLEEPLESS NIGHT: Dream away and find the perfect rest. no more waking up due to an uncomfortable position. Our pregnancy pillows for sleeping will help you find the best comfortable position when you sleep
  • 🤰 MUM & BABY COMFORT: Not only that it gives you comfort when you sleep while pregnant, but you can also use this after giving birth when breastfeeding your baby. Use it as a cushion while cradling or cross-cradling your baby when nursing. 
  • ✨ PREMIUM SOFT PILLOWS: Breathable soft-knit Jersey cover helps keep you cool throughout the night. Available in cute pillowcase designs - Dinosaurs, Unicorns, Daydream, Starry Night, Candy Stones, and Zigzags