Keplin Group Limited

4pk Weight Bags


  • 💪 Keep Your Outdoor Essentials Safe and Secure: Our KEPLIN Sand Weights are perfect for securing beach umbrellas, flags, and outdoor furniture such as patio umbrellas and tables, ensuring that your belongings don't get blown away by the wind
  • 👍 Easy to Use and Convenient: With convenient Velcro straps, our sand weights can be easily attached and removed from your outdoor canopy or tent. These straps provide a secure hold and make it simple to adjust the position of the weights as needed, ensuring your outdoor shelter stays in place
  • 😊 No More Messy Spills: The double pocket design allows for easy filling of the weights with sand, while also preventing any mess or spillage during the filling process. This makes our sand weights a cleaner and more convenient solution than other weight options
  • 🎒 Easy to Carry and Store: Equipped with ergonomic carry handles, our sand weights are easy to transport to and from your outdoor events. Their compact and lightweight design also makes them easy to store when not in use
  • ⛺ Maximum Strength and Durability: Our sand weights are designed to hold up to 35 lbs of weight in sand, rock, dirt, or other contents, ensuring that your outdoor shelter stays firmly anchored in place, no matter the weather conditions