Keplin Group Limited

Pet Feeding Mat


  • ✔️ PERFECT SIZE – Ideally sized for whatever pet you may have, be this your small puppy, rabbit or kitten, or a large pet, this should suit all their needs and provide them with enough room to eat whenever they wish
  • 🧼 EASY CLEAN – Easily clean off any mess left by your furry friend, either through hand washing with soap or by machine, as this is perfectly dishwasher safe
  • 🐶 CATCHES FOOD – Large enough to provide your pet much space to feed without making a mess on the floor. The raised edge acts as a spill-proof lip, keeping food and liquid on the mat for them to slurp up
  • 💪 NON-SLIP – The food-grade silicone material grips against the floor as well as whatever you place on top, so neither the feeding bowl nor mat moves about to prevent the spread of any mess
  • 💦 WATER-RESISTANT – Our wonderful rubber mat is made of high-quality materials that are waterproof, so any spills or splashes won't damage or ruin the mat