Keplin Group Limited

Velvet Hangers


  • GORGEOUS VELVET HANGERS – This pack of 50 hangers can complement you wardrobe with their lovely design, whilst helping to organise your space. With each measuring at 41.5 x 22 x 0.6 cm and using swivel hooks that allow full 360 ° rotation
  • SLIP RESISTANT – Made of high quality, elegant velvet material, this will increase the friction between the hangers and clothes to protect your clothes from slipping off easily
  • SPACE SAVING – Adopting ultrathin technology, the thickness of this hanger is only about 0.6 cm, which takes less space compared to other hangers, and it is not easily broken
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN – Adopting a design that simulates the curvature of human shoulders and utilizing anti-skid material, so that these hangers can hang clothes in their natural form and not cause any creasing. These also have a convenient Tie Bar so you can hang your ties with you suits as needed
  • DURABLE – Constructed to be unbreakable so does not conform to bending or breaking, with these being strong enough to hold 4.5kg each! These will last you as long as you need them