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Neoprene Dumbbells with Free Poster


  • GET FIT – With a wide selection for you to choose what suits your needs the best, we are Kayman have the ideal set of dumbbells for you. From 1kg to 10kg, you can grab these to supplement your training routine and add resistance, be it to strengthen your core, add more resistance to body weight exercises or lifting for a pump.
  • ANTI-ROLL DESIGN – Designed with hex edges so as to ensure dumbbells they do not roll; the weights on either side of the dumbbell lay flat, unable to gain momentum, meaning they will stay in place. These are incredibly practical and easy to store anywhere at home and make for convenient workouts.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Our Kayman Dumbbells are made from durable cast iron; built to last long, against the stresses of your harshest workouts. This is the perfect fitness equipment for anything from power movements to static plyometric holds and will provide you many years and workouts
  • ANTI-SLIP – Using a neoprene coating to make it easy to grip, we have ensured safe efficient workouts even when the intensity picks up in class etc.! You won’t have to worry about sweat or water becoming a problem as this will always maintain friction
  • QUICK CLEAN – With a smooth, water-resistant neoprene surface that prevents build up of dirt and moisture, you can quite easily maintain hygiene in using these weights. It could not be easier to clean your dumbbells at any time, just wipe with a clean, wet cloth to remove!