Keplin Group Limited

50pk Steel Tent Pegs


  • KEPLIN TENT PEGS – The Keplin pack of 50 tent pegs are made from 100% steel with a coating of zinc to prevent them from rusting. They are strong and long lasting and can be hit into the ground easily.
  • GALVANISED TENT PEGS – The tent pegs at 100% galvanised, this means they are protected by a layer of zinc coating to prevent them from rusting.
  • DURABLE PEGS – The tent pegs are extremely heavy duty and are made from durable and long-lasting steel to ensure long life span and when hammered in they do not bend like others.
  • MULTI-USE GARDEN PEGS – The Keplin tent pegs can be used for multiple items not just tents. You could use this for tarps, camping, gazebos etc.
  • EASY INSTALL – The metal tent pegs are extremely strong to allow you to easily hammer the pegs into soft and hard ground very easily.