Keplin Group Limited

Toddler Toilet Seat for Potty Training


  • INDEPENDENCE – Cultivate a sense of independence in your child as they use the toilet freely and with minimal assistance! 
  • FRIENDLY MATERIALS – Making use of the highest standard environmentally friendly materials (non-toxic PP materials), that are safe and gentle to the skin.
  • COMFY – Paired with a seat cushion to implement the maximum comfort. This comfortable seat surface is evenly frosted to prevent the baby from excessively sweating and sticking to the bottom, whilst also providing warmth so they are not put off by touching cold plastic.
  • WIDE USE – Designed to fit most toilet seats safely, with stiff, anti-slip rubber strips so this sticks to the toilet bowl. 
  • EASY TO CLEAN – The plastic materials make this incredibly easy to wash; you can clean it with warm water or with some disinfectant wipes after each use to keep everything sanitary.